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Thursday, May 13, 2010

PRR Technical and Historical Society

Like most fallen flags, the Pennsy has a historical society dedicated to preserving the heritage of this great railroad. This year's annual meeting was held in Harrisburg, PA, home of the Rockville Bridge (still carrying trains across the Susquehanna).

The meeting was an opportunity to see old friends, listen to great presentations about fascinating aspects of the railroad, admire great models, do some shopping and share ideas.

Here's a great rendition of Pennsy's four-bay H21 hopper, with the angle reinforcement along the top chord. My fleet of H21s needs this treatment for about 2/3 of the cars, an easy modification to Bowser's model. It was great to see exactly how it is done.

The Capital PenNScalers NTRAK Group set up some of their modules and ran PRR trains (plus others) all weekend. I learned the keys to successful operation of Con-Cor's nifty Aero Train: check wheel gauge carefully and add weight to each car.

Here's a neat module representing the PRR Freight Station in York, PA circa 1946.

The show offered quite a bit for the PRR modeler--what a great selection of flatcar loads to model!

If you are interested in a particular railroad, you are almost sure to find a group of modeler's with a common interest. A quick search is all it usually takes.