The purpose of this site is to share progress on the N Scale Model Railroad Layout that is being built in my basement with the help of some great friends and model railroaders. Comments on techniques we're using are welcome as are questions and critiques.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's session

Even thought we have moved from Wednesdays to Tuesdays for 2011, we had a good turnout (actually a #7 left hand).

Steve Jackson is on winter break so came over to begin DCC installation. He and Mark Andersen were scribbling madly coming up with shelving designs for the electronics, programming track and other components.

J.B. Weilepp worked on Horseshoe Curve scenery and your humble narrator got almost all of the wiring finished underneath Tunnelhill.

The West Altoona trackwork is complete and switch machine installion is progressing nicely. This shot shows the Hollidaysburg Secondary branching off the main.

East Altoona trackwork is well underway. This shot shows the shops in the right foreground and the sidings for the Altoona Freight Station in the background.