The purpose of this site is to share progress on the N Scale Model Railroad Layout that is being built in my basement with the help of some great friends and model railroaders. Comments on techniques we're using are welcome as are questions and critiques.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Test running the Broadway Limited

This video shows the Broadway Limited in two different scenes. In the first it passes a freight train on the westbound up hill slope. The second scene shows an eastbound Broadway Limited passing through MG Interlocking.


  1. Pretty sweet there, Mr. DeMille.

  2. I knew you'd like the bagpipes.

    Looks like we had a derailed pax car in the second scene.

  3. ALMOST derailed. Looks like we'll eventually need another take. Maybe I need a Cam Corder?

  4. I don't mind the bagpipes, but Amazing Grace & disco beat??? LOL!
    Nice trains by the way... ;o)